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  • PAIN

    Pain is common but not normal. It is one of the ways that the body lets us know that something is not right.

    Headaches whilst common can be caused by many different things. Stress, poor posture, overuse of neck arm or shoulder muscles even not drinking enough water.  I've had one person whose problem stemmed from their feet! Where the headache is, how long it has been there & other assessments help to determine what the cause is. Remedial massage can be just as effective, if not even better for your body on a whole, than popping a pill that will take away the pain but not treat the cause. If you don't treat the cause it will keep coming back.

    Back pain is another condition I see alot of. Causes for this can be as simple as sitting for long periods where your deep abdominal muscles get fixed in a shortened position, poor posture, incorrect shoes, weak glutes & the list goes on. Again if you simply pop a pill the pain will go away but without treating the cause it will return. 

    Sore knees is another problem where it may be causes from weak glutes, tight quads, improper gait (walk), weak ankles or stiff joints in the feet. 

    Remedial massage can help improve all of these complaints & in some cases get rid of the pain altogether.

    If you suffer from any of these symptoms give remedial massage a go. You may be surprised at just how effective it can be & how great you can feel.

    Don't let a little niggle become a big problem.